The Kugel (Constellation Sphere) at Kennedy Space Center
World's Largest Floating Granite Sphere,Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond
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Floating Granite Sphere Fountain

Tons of solid granite floating on a film of water create high-impact,
low maintenance fountains for public spaces and private
gardens,indoors and out. Beautiful and interactive they're
also technically fascinating something for everyone.

The Kugel (Floating Granite Sphere/Ball Fountain)

The Kugel is always in the shape of a ball
and can be moved in all directions. The sphere may
range from 1 foot to nearly 10 feet in diameter.

Base Stones
Base Stones can range from sophisticated, highly polished
surfaces to rugged, rough-hewn boulders. Kugel (Floating
Granite Ball Fountain) and base stone may be engraved with
corporate logos or decorative motifs.

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