About Us
Manufacturers and Innovators of The Kugel

Kusser Fountainworks represents the sophisticated fountain construction technology developed by
Kusser Aicha Granitwerke, a leading European fountain company.This family owned business with
almost one hundred years of history, which is in the hands of the third generation now employs
about 120 people.

In 1989 the first Kusser Fountain known as The Kugel (Floating Granite Sphere/Ball Fountain) was installed
in the United States.

The company cares for both traditional craftsmanship and a highly technical machinery maintained by
internal specialists. This attitude as well as internal planning teams of technicians, engineers and architects
contributed very early to Kusser establishing itself among the world-wide leading businesses in the natural
stone industry. Next to the development of fountain construction technologies several processes opening
new dimensions of design applications have been perfected.
Kusser FountainWorks